Friday, December 3, 2010

How did you control for reliability?

The definition of reliabilty is will the testers get the same results if re-tested tomorrow?
The reliability will depend on the amount of warm-up allowed, and whether the same procedures are followed each time. If this is done then the test would be reliable.  I would use the information below to make sure the test remains reliable.
  • The bent knee moves to the side, allowing the body to move past it, but the sole of the foot  must remain on the floor.
  • Keep the back straight and the head up during the forward flexion movement. 
  • The knee of the extended leg should remain straight. Tester may place one hand above the student’s knee to help keep the knee straight. 
  • Hands should reach forward evenly. 
  • The trial should be repeated if the hands reach unevenly or the knee bends. 
  • Hips must remain square to the box. Do not allow the student to turn the hip away from the box while reaching.

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